RepMut methodology

Intergroup relation analysis through mutual representations

RepMut methodology is a tool enabling a quick and automatic diagnosis of ingroup or intercategorial relations which has been developed by the RepMut team, inherent to the socio-psychology and management lab of the Burgundy University (SPMS, UB).

This intergroup relation diagnosis lies on mutual representations


Theoretical frame

We have developed RepMut methodology drawing our inspiration from works derived of research in social psychology.Thus, we relied on social categorization works and associated theories (SIT, SCT, SIP, …).

This tool is providing an application of classical researchs in their recent developings, taking into account identities' pluralities (personal, social or collective).


Methodologic frame

In order to develop this methodology, we drew our inspiration from works on social representations, which have been reviewed taking account social psychology of langage research, particularly by including the co-construction paradigm.

The tool collects free associations’ items qualifiying the different targeted groups (professions, age, sex, origins, lifestyles…). Those items are later expertized by the respondents themselves on relevant dimensions towards the studied issue.

Data processing done involves, on the one hand, different representations (endo/exo/meta/auto/supra-representations, etc.) and on the other hand, categorial and stereotyped mechanisms processes (perceptive and evaluative bias, implicit or explicit discrimination…).

The whole results are overall synthetized in relation patterns (social partitions), to which are associated actors’ identity strategies. Process ends on an argued diagnosis about maintened relationships by both groups in a particular situation.

This methodology enables a diagnosis lying on objective datas and might be considered as a decision support tool.


Especially developed technology concerning RepMut

We have developed, conjointly with Tevolys corporation, an active web interface enabling online questionnaire creation stemming from RepMut methodology, online passation, saving and data collected exportation.

To follow with this idea, the RepMutStat software enabled us to automatized the most part of statistic process according to RepMut methodology, without excluding targeted and personal analysis.

By using the active web interface and the RepMutStat software, access to quick results on a large scale is now possible, however controlling mistakes.


Contribution to research

Constituting a pedagogic and/or a research tool in social psychology, RepMut is useful to illustrate discrimination processes already known and might show unknown ones.

Based on fundamental mechanisms, it can be applied to various situations.