First Transition Network Meeting

On November 26, the RepMut team participated in the First Transition Network Meetings on research at the heart of socio-ecological transition, which took place at the House of Human Sciences in Dijon.

The transition network is "the service platform ensuring the emergence and organization of new scientific dynamic partnership in the service of socio-ecological innovation".
In this context, Marie-Françoise Lacassagne presented "Understanding and analyzing human relations: the RepMut methodology for electro-mobility".

The information of the day are available on the following link:

Supervisor for coordinating Transition Network at the House of Human Sciences in Dijon: Laure Abramovich


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Panel debate: Research topics and scientific events 2015-16

A round table was organized by the Dijon's House of Human Sciences, jointly to the night of the researchers on 2015.09.25. Discussion was about research operations and scientific events to come in 2015/16. 


This exchange shows a sight of different research programs, to be developed or in current developing, brought forward by the Human Sciences House. It can be seen as a testimony of dynamism embodied by research teams in Human and Social Sciences, involved in knowledge and social innovation production.

The Dijon’s House of Human Sciences is a dynamic collective structure gathering 15 labs, with proper skills, which underpins interactions between different scientific fields, but also with partners from others fields facing development challenges.

Presentation of search operations 2015/2016 program of scientific events carried by the House of Human Sciences in Dijon, through examples presented by researchers.

RepMut was part of this event and was introduced in this symposium.



REPMUT: Diagnosis of relations and social positionings in the Company

Charlotte JOLYPhD student in social psychology, laboratory of Socio-Psychology and Management of Sport (SPMS) - UBFC 
Florent MANGINPhD, SPMS, RepMut projet ingeneer, SATT (Society of Technology Transfer Acceleration), Grand Est - UBFC 

This between social categories diagnostic tool lies on Mutual Representations. It was conceived as an educational and research tool in social psychology, illustrating the already known discrimination mechanisms but also those to be discovered. Today, it can be used in multiple and various fields.

For example, facing the increasing interest in ageism and in order to improve the life quality at work, a study has been conducted among nurses, stating that juniors as well as seniors prefer to work with people of their own generation. The diagnosis demonstrated that juniors valuate themselves by stigmatizing seniors. The latter assume a high status by demeaning (degrading) juniors.

Departing from every actor’s produced representations, a remediation workshop could be suggested in order to construct the appropriate positionings and social climate for intergenerational working.

In a wider perspective, the RepMut tool can be considered as a decision-making support and is relevent to various situations as it relies on fundamental psychosocial mechanisms.
Different fields have been recovered and investigated, like HR, buildings sectors, penitentiary environment, sport, education, immigration, automotive innovation…

The group of researchers working for and within RepMut form a « Business Unit » offering services to companies and organizations in order to, on one hand, help them revealing the positions adopted by their social actors, and, on the other hand, to provide recommendations, which permit to alleviate or resolve conflicts between groups, happening or not on a conscious basis.


Francis Aubert opening speech (MSH director)


REPMUT Diagnosis of relations and social positionings in the Company 
With C. Joly (PhD SPMS lab) et F. Mangin (PhD student SPMS lab)


RepMut presented in the Social and Human Sciences Innovatives Exhibition, Paris, the 16th and 17th of June 2015

The Human and Social Science Institute of the National Center of the Scientific Research has held the second edition of the SHS Innovatives the 16th and 17th of June 2015 in the Science and Industry City in Paris. This event introduced 65 projects supported by national SHS labs from all over France. The House of Human Sciences was represented two projects: RepMut and Words wine (Les mots du vin).

For further information, please visit the dedicated website : click here.

Here is the RepMut poster presented in this occasion :


Innovatives of the National Center of the Scientific Research CNRS – the car of the future, Paris 03/31/2015

Starting from the idea that innovations can’t be made without men, we offer a psychosocial analysis in an online software (RepMut -v1-). This tool allows a quick and automatic intergroups’ relations diagnosis.

Its innovative concept lies in the immediacy of the result obtaining: it enables a quick work on a large scale. From a theoretical point of view, considering groups in their own relations highlights the social dynamic.

For example, as for automotive innovation, through groups’ relative representations’ confrontation (today’s /tomorrow’s driver, eco-responsible drivers, sportive drivers, etc.), using RepMut enable to highlight potentially attractive automotive groups by their supported values or by the social recognition granted to them. Morover, importance towards other groups is also important, which means standing a diagnosis putting forward which innovations have to be accepted

A few examples stemming from pre-studies of this fields will be introduced.